Alexandra Kathryn Mosca

Writer, Author, Taphophile and Funeral Director

Alexandra Kathryn Mosca is a writer, author, taphophile, and licensed funeral director in New York. Her work has appeared in Newsday, the NY Daily News, The Saturday Evening Post, Next Avenue and more. Mosca is also the author of three books: Grave Undertakings (2003), Green-Wood Cemetery (2008), and Gardens of Stone (2016). 

About Me

Cemetery profiles have become one of my writing specialties. It was my career as a funeral director that sparked my interest in cemeteries, and exploring them has become one of my favorite pastimes. Cemeteries are places of peace, serenity, and tradition. They are also places of continued connection to our loved ones, to history, and to our community. What’s more, they contain a wealth of untold stories; stories I have told –and continue to tell– through my writing. I have also served as a cemetery tour guide, and delight in introducing others to what I’ve learned in the cemetery.


My profile of Westchester Hills Cemetery was in October’s American Cemetery & Cremation magazine.
If it’s too cold to explore in person, why not take an armchair tour. In December’s American Cemetery & Cremation magazine, I highlight some of my favorite cemetery travel books.