Me llamo Neuva York

A couple of years ago, I received a call from Francesc Peiron, a reporter from La Vanguardia, a Spanish daily newspaper which dates back to 1881. He was working on an article about interesting places to see, and people to meet, in New York City. He had come across my book about Green-Wood Cemetery, and asked if he could interview me. We met at the cemetery for the interview, where we talked about my career as a funeral director, life, death, and the importance of cemeteries. He called with some follow up questions, then we lost touch. I never knew what became of the article.

Francesc recently reached out to ask me if I’d ever seen the book. The book? Turns out, the article became a chapter in his book: “Me llamo Neuva York.” It was exciting to learn this, and I very much appreciated my Spanish speaking friends patiently translating the copy for me. As always, I am grateful for the many opportunities that come my way to educate others about funeral service and cemeteries.